High Capacity Counterfeit Currency Detector Pen – Single

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Premium Quality – Ultra Long Life – Fake Money Detector Pen

Don’t be caught napping this summer, more people means more money changing hands.  Great on the one hand, but have you considered the risk…

Millions of pounds of fake banknotes are currently circulating in the economy.  Advances in printing technology have made it easier than ever for criminals to produce extremely good copies of genuine banknotes and it is difficult for most people to tell the difference.

If you accept counterfeit money by mistake YOU LOSE OUT. If you pay the money into your bank account the bank is obliged to confiscate it. THERE IS NO COMPENSATION.

Whether at home or abroad, for business or personal use, the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen is simple and easy to use. It can tell the difference between genuine and fake banknotes immediately!  Make a small mark anywhere on the note – if the mark is light amber the note is genuine. Dark brown or black and the note is suspect. The light amber mark will vanish in 24 hours so the note is not defaced.  Our Counterfeit Money Detector Pen gives you peace of mind that the notes you receive are genuine.  

These pens will test up to 12000 notes and work on all major currencies worldwide.

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