Lift Off Tape 7583LO 7584LO Correction Tape

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Lift Off Tape / Correction Tape 7583LO 7584LO 

Will fit: Brother AX SERIES, AX10, AX12, AX12M, AX15, AX18, AX20, AX22, AX24, AX25, AX26, AX28, AX30, AX33, AX35, AX40, AX45, AX100, AX110, AX120, AX130, AX140, AX145, AX210, AX220, AX230, AX240, AX245, AX250, AX300, AX310, AX320, AX330, AX340, AX350, AX370, AX400, AX410, AX425, AX430, AX440, AX450, AX500, AX550, AX600, Compactronic 300, Compactronic 310, Compactronic 320, Compactronic 333, Compactronic 340, Compactronic 350, Compactronic 360, Compactronic 380, Compactronic Series, Correctronic 145, Correctronic 320, Correctronic 340, Correctronic 360, Correctronic 380, Correctronic GX6000, Correctronic GX7000, Correctronic GX8000, Correctronic GX9000, EM30, EM31, EM501, EM601, EM701, EM711, EM750, EM850, EM1000, EM2000, EM2050 BROTHER GX15, GX35, GX100, GX300, LW1, LW10, LW12, LW15, LW100, LW20, LW200, LW30, LW35, LW350, LW400, LW450, Privileg 1500, Student Writer 2, WP Series (Except WP-1), WP5, WP6, WP60, WP660E, WP70, WP75, WP77S, WP85,


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